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Phonics at Hallow

At Hallow School we want all children to become accurate, fluent and expressive readers who understand every word they read. This is because reading is the key that opens up all other learning. We use a range of resources including ‘Letters and sounds’, ‘Jolly Phonics’ and ‘Read Write Inc’. These are all methods of learning to read and spell centred around letter sounds.
In Reception children are introduced to Set 1 sounds (starting with letters of the alphabet). This allows them to decode words using ‘Sound Talk’ where they sound out each letter and blend these together to read the word.


Alongside learning these sounds, the children will read carefully structured stories featuring the words they can sound out. Discussion about the story facilitates sound understanding, ensuring reading is both fun and purposeful. Children then progress to learning digraphs (44 sounds in total). A digraph is a sound associated with a group of letters which is taught using ‘Sound Talk’ and applied to an increasingly complex range of words. A range of stories continue to be introduced to the children that reinforce the sounds they have been learning and enable them to read with confidence and success.


To hear how to pronounce sounds correctly please click here. (